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"Mokemokemono"No.153 / No.154





Kuroda Yoshie

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1987.
Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Information Design, Information Arts Course in 2010.

She sews waste clothing and creates three-dimensional works with elements such as stuffed animals, dolls, and sculptures based on themes such as “existence” and “connection.”
Recently, she has also been working on a large installation that combines waste clothing with waste materials.

Good Bud Calf” Exhibition AIN SOPH DISPATCH Gallery Award

Rokko Meets Art Art Walk 2019 Encouragement Award
Brillia ART AWARD 2019 Selected

SICF18 Jury Jury Yoshie Kurisu Award
2017 HAPTIC DESIGN AWARD Honorable Mention

<Art provided>
Aimer “I beg you” (Theatrical version “Fate / stay night [Heaven’s Feel]” II. Lost butterfly theme song) Providing works for music videos.
CIVILIAN (Maneki Kecak collaboration song) “I feat. Maneki Kecak” music video provided

Aimer “Haruha Yuku” (Theatrical version “Fate / stay night [Heaven’s Feel]” II. Lost butterfly theme song) Providing works for music videos.

Aimer “Wonderland” Music Video Providing Works

Artist Statement

Using waste clothing as the main material, I create stuffed animals, dolls, sculptures, and other creations that cross the concept of three-dimensional modeling.

I produce “Mokemokemono”, which are fantasy creatures, and installation works using them, and also provide my works for music videos.
“Mokemokemono” is a fantasy creature created by connecting parts of animals and human bodies made from clothes that are no longer used and connecting them.
They are like our alter ego, who are constantly seeking answers about their uncertain existence.

Their appearance is in the shape of an animal. However, you can also feel humanity in the gestures and appearance, and that is because we can confront our inner self through them.

Clothes that are no longer used as a material had shared everyday life with their owners and accumulated their past events and the experiences.
I think they are also a metaphor for the dead.

The process of those clothes being reborn by “”hand-sewn”” is similar to some kind of ritual or prayer.

The works created in this way are like communicators, those who are experiencing both life and death, and sometimes they are free to come and go, telling us what they are like.

Since ancient times, it has been said that the seams have a magical power.
Through the act of “sewing”, I reconsider the uncertain self and the world.


2016 "Mokemokemono" / Gallery 403, Tokyo
2016 "COVER" / Gallery Motomachi, Kanagawa
2016 “SICF17” / Spiral, Tokyo
2016 “Shibuya Style vol.10” / Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo
2017 “HAPTIC DESIGN AWARD Winners Exhibition” / Fab Cafe Tokyo, Tokyo
2017 “SICF18” / Spiral, Tokyo
2017 “THE blank GALLERY Summer Group Show 2017" / THE blank GALLERY, Tokyo
2017 “Shibuya Style vol.11” / Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo
2018 "SICF18Winners Exhibition" / Spiral / Tokyo
2019 “Brillia ART AWARD 2019 Exhibition” / Brillia Lounge THE GALLERY, Tokyo
2019 "Rokko Meets Art Art Walk 2019" / Mt. Rokko, Hyogo
2019 "Tanegashima Space Arts Festival 2019" / Tanegashima, Kagoshima
2020 "현 위치 Current Location" / Hongti Art Center, Busan, South Korea
2020 "Current Location" / Space 9, Seoul, South Korea
2020 "Brillia Culture Spice" / Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2020 "Mojiko Art Wharf" / Mojiko, Fukuoka
2020 "Good sprout calf" exhibition / Matsuzakaya Nagoya store, Aichi
2021 "Current Location 2" / Kyushu Geibunkan, Fukuoka
2021 "CURE" / JINEN GALLERY, Tokyo
2021 “Good sprout calf" / Matsuzakaya Ueno store, Tokyo
2021 "Ueno Matsuzakaya Zoological Park" / Matsuzakaya Ueno Store, Tokyo

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Kuroda Yoshie