Naoya Oshima


"Trees at night"


"Woman pouring coffee"


"One scene"




"Five colors"


Naoya Oshima

Born in Gifu prefecture

Graduated from Gifu Prefectural Kano High School Art Department

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Japanese Painting

2021 Completed Japanese painting area, Department of Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

Currently enrolled in the Japanese painting area of ​​the doctoral program at Tokyo University of the Arts

<Award >
KENZAN Shikisaisha Award Winner

Received the 47th Tokyo Spring Creation Exhibition Spring Exhibition Award

I mainly produce Japanese paintings using traditional Japanese styles.
I use coffee on the screen to dye or color it. I am currently trying to make use of paper as a part of the screen, using the style of Japanese painting as the base of expression.

Artist Statement

I have mainly produced landscape paintings based on the main themes of “water,” “ghost,” and “universal.”
Incorporating perspectives from the occult and folklore fields, I am trying to express myself while considering the view of nature in Japan and the sense of distance from the other world and the supernatural.


2016 “KENZAN” group exhibition / Tokyo
2017 “Kizuna Art” group exhibition / Phnom Penh InterContinentalHotel / Cambodia
2017 “KENZAN”group exhibition / Tokyo
2017 “Mahoroba”group exhibition / Tokyo
2018 “Awakening of Blue” group exhibition / Kyoto
2019 “The 45th Tokyo SOGA exhibition of Spring” open call exhibition / Tokyo
2019 “SEED exhibition in Yamatane art museum” open call exhibition / Tokyo
2019 “The 46th Tokyo SOGA exhibition” open call exhibition / Tokyo, Kyoto
2019 “Will+s exhibition”group exhibition / Tokyo, Hiroshima
2020 “Five-person exhibition of Japanesepainting” group exhibition / Tokyo
2020 “Natsunokai”group exhibition / Tokyo
2021 “FIKA”group exhibition / Saitama

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Naoya Oshima