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ARcitecT K2

Oil painter × Architect × Manic depression
*I mainly make oil paintings (especially abstract paintings).
*I design houses and hotels on weekdays. I’m a first-class architect in Japan.
*I’m supposed to support my family with depression, but I’m also suffering from depression.

Unlike architectural design competitions and exhibitions, I don’t participate in painting competitions or exhibitions.
The only way to build is to use other people’s money to build other people’s buildings, but the pictures are different. You can buy your own canvas and paint. In other words, you can finish your work by yourself.
On the other hand, in the case of architecture, you can’t work unless you get a job offer by spreading your name in a competition. I can only design my own house without a request.

When you apply for a painting in a competition or award, the price of the work is affected.
Those who want to make money will win the prize.
Those who want honor apply.

For me, painting is nothing but self-expression.
There is no absolute definition of beauty. That’s why I express what I think is beautiful in my own way, and people who think it is beautiful buy it.
The connection is the happiest.

I don’t want to empathize with many people.
I don’t want to be evaluated by an authority.
Everyone wants this connection to be thick and dense.
I hope you will be one of them.

Artist Statement

After getting my master’s degree in Architecture from Tokyo University of Science, I joined Takenaka Corporation’s Tokyo Head Office Design Department. Obtained first class architect.
After studying minimalism and modernism in the world of architecture, I studied modern design, decorativeness and philosophical thought.


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ARcitecT K2